Lancia Teases New Concept: Pu+RA

Boy’s Spectacular Spacetastic Find

A new teaser and some more information have been unveiled concerning Lancia’s upcoming electric concept car that will be revealed on April 15th. This vehicle, which is based on the peculiar yet attractive design study/blob known as Pu+Ra Zero, is referred to as the “Emozione Pu+Ra.” Luca Napolitano, Lancia brand CEO, declared, “The Lancia Concept is the brand manifesto for the next ten years.” He went on to add that the concept car will embody the values of the Italian brand and will be a sign of what to expect from Lancia in the near future.

We have already been introduced to the back of the concept and it is quite evident how its design was based on the airborne ‘blob study’ conducted last year. Our biggest worry with the blob was that it lacked wheels, nevertheless, now it appears that the company is set to address this problem by giving us a real concept of which we anticipate will prove to be far more dependable.

According to Napolitano, the upcoming concept is a “100% electric concept car which represents the evolution of the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero”. He believes this concept is the first of Lancia’s new era, featuring design, sustainability, technology and electrification that will be seen on future models. He is confident that it will be a hit with Lancia brand fans everywhere.

In the new image, one can clearly see the circular roof that the brand claims provides a wide-open view of the outside world and allows in plenty of natural light. The brand states that it “evokes the primitive geometric shapes that are typical of Lancia Design and complements the sensual lines of the side panels.” However, we can’t help but ponder how close the interior experience will be to that of a Jetson’s spaceship.

The alluring lines on the rear of the canopy, reminiscent of a Venetian blind, dominate the image and while nice to look at, they evoke the same look as a window defogger on many cars’ back windshields. Overall, the rear is an exquisitely crafted collage of points and shapes that leaves you wishing some production vehicles could find a way to avoid crash test regulations so that we could see models like this actually driving around.

Outside of this detail and snapshots, nothing firm is known about what this idea could eventually be. We could very well end up with a more useful sedan or station wagon, however an alternate reality — where we see the rebirth of something like the Stratus as an electrified speed machine — would surely be thrilling. What’s more, Alfa Romeo should consider taking some inspiration from its cousin Maserati in order to craft a truly remarkable electric sports vehicle, since that’s why families are for, right?

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