Lancia Delta S4 With 640HP And Unique Exhausts

Hit or Miss: Our Uncertainty.

There is no lack of restomods taking inspiration from Lancia, but that hasn’t stopped Italy’s Scuderia Grassi from introducing another one, this time paying homage to the Lancia Delta S4 Integrale – an acclaimed piece of the marque’s history. Little is known about the model referred to as the Grassi 044S, yet we have the scoop that it’s to be produced on a limited basis and has a highly potent turbocharged engine tailored to meet Euro 7 pollution regulations.

A total of 44 models are rumoured to be in production, equipped with a rearmounted 3.0-litre bi-turbo four-cylinder engine producing an impressive 640 horsepower. It is expected that these cars will weigh approximately between 2,425-2,646 lbs – no doubt making for some impressive acceleration times, according to estimates of 0-62 mph in merely 2.9 seconds with a maximum velocity of 186 mph.

As one would anticipate, energy is supplied to all four wheels via three distinct differentials and your pick of either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed sequential. Unfortunately, there has been no showcasing of the cabin space yet, possibly due to the prototype exposed at the upcoming Milano Monza Motor Show (MiMo) being not completely operational.

The 19-inch wheels, drawing influence from the Delta Integrale Evoluzione, and the side mirrors suggestively taken from an E36 BMW M3, give an immediate impression of the wild bodywork. Yet upon closer inspection, the absence of shutlines (except near the entryways) suggests a uniqueness not easily overlooked. In addition, there appears to be curious accessibility to the frunk area, likely enabled through a retractable partition, à la vintage sunroofs.

As of yet, no particulars concerning pricing and shipping have been revealed; still, we speculate that this plaything may come with a substantial six-figure cost tag. Moreover, from the visuals, it is apparent that the Grassi 044S does not boast the same fineness as the Kimera EVO37. Furthermore, its output readings are satisfactory albeit anything but extraordinary. Taking everything into consideration, we are quite contented that only 44 units will be manufactured. To this journalist’s eyes, the Grassi 044S seems to be chock full of ornamentation yet falls short in terms of delivery.

Rather than purchasing a Giulia Quadrifoglio for daily commutes, we’d rather acquire one of the ancient Lancias as a weekend getaway activity. Alternately, should you choose to be patient, you could wait until 2026 to observe what Lancia releases when it rises from its dormant state.

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