Lancia’s 10-Year Vision: Teaser Unveiled

Unveiling April 15th

A part of the Stellantis group, Lancia is at present restricted to just one car that’s sold in Italy only. All these conditions are about to modify rapidly though, as the company has declared a goal to launch at least 3 novel models by the year 2028. The upcoming years will be quite thrilling for the renowned brand and we’ll catch our initial glimpse of its promising future by next month!

Lancia is heralding a preview of its upcoming concept model, tentatively titled the Lancia Concept, ahead of its full unveiling on April 15. All that has been revealed so far is a single glimpse of what appears to be a modernized rendition of the Stratos; something we can’t yet ascertain with certainty. Nevertheless, it seems almost certain that the new concept has strong ties to the Pu+Ra Zero application showcased by the firm in November 2019. In response to the concept, CEO Luca Napolitano had this to remark:

It doesn’t provide a ton of information; however, it appears that Lancia will unveil their new aesthetic, rather than focus on an incoming production car.

It was recently confirmed by the Italian firm that a fresh generation Ypsilon is due to be released in 2024. This current model has been available since the year 2011 and remains one of the many lasting variants on sale in the automotive sector. Despite getting several modifications and tech enhancements, it persisted a town vehicle, constructed upon the Fiat 500 and Panda platform established in 2003. A new flag-bearer design will come out in 2026 and its electric Delta successor will arrive two years later.

Lancia have revealed a brand-new emblem that will be displayed for the first time on the refreshed Ypsilon in 2021. Part of their bold resuscitation scheme, Stellantis desires for the marque to only provide EVs by 2028 and establish one hundred freshly minted dealerships in Europe. A digital buying program is at present being designed.

Exclusive to, witness 2024’s anticipated Lancia Ypsilon in these renderings presented in the gallery.

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