M5 Engine BMW M3-Bodied Volvo 162 Replica

Modern Tech Meets Classic Prototype Design

Volvo never brought the 162, a two-door variant of the 164 from the early 1970s, into production. Nevertheless, one builder decided to craft their own concoction by combining pieces from two different BMW M-Series vehicles – one for the body and the other for its engine.

Instead of cutting the rear doors off a 164 or transplanting a BMW engine into a 242 to create a simpler BMW-driven Volvo coupe, the owner made a more arduous choice and recreated an E36 BMW M3 into a “retromod”, concealing its modern componentry beneath an outwardly vintage look. The outcome is a captivating Volvo 162 clone that only gives away slight indications of its German ancestry.

The concept was initially launched in 2015, this coinciding with a post on the Volvo Racing Club Finland chatroom. Good documentation existed of the creation, multiple photos demonstrating the development. Shortly afterwards, it appeared again on the Retro Rides forum carrying screenshots of the assembly through Photobucket links; sadly, Photobucket damaged many car projects when it added fees for viewing, blocking millions of extra special shots.

At first sight, the build looks amazing, however the E36’s higher belt line is still visible when compared to a genuine Volvo 164. The owner has left a few clues that this “Volvo” is powered by BMW with the M badges on the front quarter panels. Despite being custom-made, it still looks almost as good as factory-made. But the engine is something else entirely.

It may seem to have exterior styling in keeping with the classics, however, the inner parts tell a different narrative. All of the M3’s modern trappings are still present, including premium leather upholstery on some more up to date bucket seats that look to originate from an E92 M3. Moreover, inside the cabin, the occupant has flippantly fitted a 162C sign onto the steering wheel, supplanting the Volvo marking placed there back in 2015.

The remarkable Volvo 162 likeness sports serious horsepower, owing to the V8 employed from an E39 BMW M5. Although no dyno numbers have been disclosed, this engine generates up to 394 hp and 369 lbs-ft of torque in its stock condition. Furthermore, the customized ride also employs a six-speed manual transmission still intact.

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