Murano CrossCabriolet Redux: A Reimagined Toyota Century SUV Convertible

It serves as a parade vehicle for sumo wrestlers.

Starting in 1967, the Century has reigned as Toyota’s top-of-the-line luxurious car, overshadowing even the popular Lexus models. Typically known for its refined sedan design, a monumental shift took place last year when an SUV was added to the lineup. This particular model is available in multiple setups, such as a dynamic GRMN iteration and one showcasing sliding doors in the back. Yet, perhaps the most unconventional variation is the convertible option.

After much anticipation since its debut at the global launch of the regular Century SUV in September of last year, the remarkable convertible version has finally become a tangible product. This exceptional vehicle stands out for its inclusion of rear back doors, a distinctive trait that is missing from its most renowned counterpart, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. In place of the formerly fixed metal roof, the new model features a detachable top and has done away with the rear pillars. While it is speculated that there may be a fabric roof at the rear, no official photos have been released showing the roof in its upright state.

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One would anticipate the unconventional automobile to make an appearance at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon alongside other customized vehicles, but its debut occurred elsewhere in Japan. The esteemed sumo association and Toyota co-hosted a special occasion for the Century SUV Convertible. This vehicle will be utilized as a ceremonial car by the Japan Sumo Association in celebration of its centennial anniversary next year. Originally, a Crown was intended for this purpose, but committee member Sho Miyagino specifically requested the use of Toyota’s pinnacle flagship model instead.

As stated by Toyota, the recently released Century SUV Convertible is designed especially for wealthy clients as an artistic platform. This provides affluent individuals with the chance to customize their own unique version of the vehicle, enabling the car manufacturer to individualize the SUV according to the exclusive tastes and wishes of each rich patron. Furthermore, a convertible option is just one of the available modifications.

At a whopping price of 25,000,000 yen or approximately $171,000 at the present exchange rates, there is no denying that this vehicle does not come cheap. In fact, it exceeds the cost of a Century sedan by $34,000 and surpasses the base Land Cruiser 300 by a whopping five times.

Source: Toyota

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