Not Your Ordinary Tesla Model Y

Volkswagen Offers EV Discounts in Europe Despite Previous Stance on Price Wars

There has been a recent surge of fabricated images of the Tesla Model Y “Juniper” circulating online. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s ID electric vehicles have become more accessible in Europe.

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Sorry, this is not the Tesla Model Y “Juniper”.

As Tesla begins delivering the 2024 Model 3 “Highland” to its customers, the focus of the electric vehicle community is gradually shifting towards its crossover counterpart. Referred to as “Juniper,” the updated Model Y is anticipated to receive the same modifications as the sedan. While the official debut is expected to take place later this year, fake images have already started circulating on the internet.

When examining the images of the vehicle’s rear end, the first thing that comes to mind is whether these are just renderings or the actual vehicle. However, upon closer inspection, there are two clear problems that stand out. The first issue is the lettering that appears to be AI-generated and reads “Mdoel Y.” While this may be easy to overlook, the second and more significant problem lies with the shutline for the tailgate.

The image implies that Tesla is compromising the practicality of the Model Y by including a trunk lid. Yet, reason tells us that it will still function as a crossover with a tailgate, resulting in the enclosing line being situated much higher on the back pillar. To reach the loading space, users will have to open the entire rear portion, which includes the glass, instead of just a trunk lid as speculated in this depiction.

It appears as though an individual has taken a genuine photo of a Model Y and adapted it with the rear updates from the Model 3 Highland, neglecting to include a tailgate.

Several European countries have recently reduced the prices of the popular Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, and ID.5 electric vehicles. This price decrease comes as a result of increased competition in the electric vehicle market and efforts by Volkswagen to make their vehicles more affordable for consumers.The cost of electric vehicles has been a major barrier for many consumers looking to switch from traditional gasoline cars. However, with advancements in technology and increased demand for eco-friendly transportation options, manufacturers have been under pressure to lower their prices. Volkswagen’s recent price reductions are a step in the right direction towards this goal.The Volkswagen ID.3, marketed as a compact electric hatchback, will now be available at a reduced price in Europe. This model, which was initially released last year, has seen moderate success in the market, but the new lower price is expected to boost its popularity even further. Similarly, the larger ID.4 SUV and ID.5 crossover will also see price cuts in many European countries.The German automaker has been facing tough competition from other major players in the electric vehicle market, such as Tesla and Nissan. In response, Volkswagen has been working on improving its production efficiency and reducing costs in order to offer more competitive prices.In addition to the decrease in prices, Volkswagen has

Last year, VW Group CEO Oliver Blume stated that the VW core brand would not engage in electric vehicle price battles in order to effectively combat emerging competition. However, a representative from the company has informed Automotive News Europe that certain ID models are now being offered at lower prices in certain regions of Europe.

Reduced prices are now in place for the ID.3, ID.4, and ID.5 models sold in Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, and France. These countries have adjusted their pricing to make it more accessible for customers to benefit from government subsidies for electric vehicles. In Norway, for instance, the ID.3 is currently priced at €39,990 before the €5,000 incentive is applied. However, there will be another reduction in prices at the beginning of this year, with the asking price dropping to €32,990 after factoring in the local EV bonus.

VW’s European lineup will soon welcome the ID.7, an electric vehicle with zero emissions. The brand’s lowest-priced EV, the ID.2, is set to debut next year at a cost of approximately €25,000. However, VW is already in the process of developing an even more affordable electric car priced at just €20,000.

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