One-Off Blue Ferrari F355 Berlinetta: Perfection.

Blu Scuro Micalizzato 2.7 Motronic 6-Speed Manual

Bell Sport & Classic, a purveyor of all things Ferrari, is offering a singular Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. It is said to be the sole unit finished with Blu Scuro Micalizzato hue.

Besides its unique colour, this special vehicle – with 25,500 miles on the odometer – belonged to renowned Ferrari enthusiast and artist Chris Rea, who bought it new from Maranello Sales. The F40 replaced the infamous 348 and had to compete against the first Acura NSX and Porsche 911 when it was released. During this time, Lamborghini was manufacturing the legendary Diablo, which went up against the Ferrari F40, instead.

The illustrious Ferrari F355 is an indelible addition to the Italian carmaker’s V8-driven pedigree, which today is personified by the Ferrari F8. It is fitted with a 3.5 liter F129B flat plane crank V8 engine rooted in F1 technology, and equipped with titanium connection rods — giving it an astounding 375 horsepower at 8,250 rpm. This made it the most power dense supercar of its time, proffering 107 hp per liter — beyond what was on offer from the McLaren F1, which sourced its V12 from BMW.

Featuring both six-speed manual and Bosch’s upgraded ‘2.7 Motronic’ ECU computer, this engine accelerates from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds with an additional 30 horsepower added for an impressive maximum speed of 184 miles per hour.

The car’s advanced design includes an electronically adjustable double wishbone suspension, two-stage shock absorbers, and hydraulic power assisted steering. Owing to the absence of an airbag, Momo steering wheel was installed in the cabin. Inside, a Crema hide upholstery coupled with Blu carpets adorns the interior.

The moniker of the F355 is a blend of the engine displacement (3.5) together with the amount of valves (5) comprising each cylinder.

“We are delighted to offer this highly sought-after Ferrari F355. This sale presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the 355 that everyone desires: an early right-hand drive, ‘2.7 Motronic’, non-airbag, manual Berlinetta in a classic style,” said Tim Kearns, managing director at Bell Sport & Classic.

“This F355 is a remarkable example of a truly remarkable Ferrari, one that can be considered among the world’s most exclusive collections. Presented in pristine condition, this unaltered version of an iconic model, with its ultimate specifications and captivating history, is ready to be appreciated by its next custodian.”

Bell Sport & Classic gave this beloved vehicle a makeover in preparation for celebrating its 30th anniversary in the coming year. No rates were exposed, so customers who are keen should contact the company’s sales personnel to enquire about more information.

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