Purchase Price of Demon Close to MSRP

A Few Dealers Tarnishing Honorable Reputation

It would seem that, even though there are a small number of greedy dealers who have vastly increased their cost for the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, the majority of sellers are making their clients satisfied with reasonable sticker prices. Our previous report had highlighted some astonishing markups, several of which went as high as $350,000, prompting MotorTrend to investigate this further. In response to such enquiries, Dodge reiterated their official build ordering policy; one that recommends an approach near or at manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Also, they reported that most orders they receive do conform to the asking price.

“Dodge has a particular ordering process,” remarked a spokesperson. “This procedure entails a document – an acknowledgment form – that requires the customer’s signature, the dealer’s signature, and a notarized seal. These are crucial steps.” The document includes warnings about driving the car in the rain or when it is too cold, but it also serves as confirmation that the car is being sold to the purchaser at a rate they accept.

“As stated by a spokesperson for Dodge, ‘Dodge will not schedule an individual vehicle build until it is in receipt of the acknowledgment form.’ The form also indicates whether the customer has paid the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) or over MSRP. If the buyer has chosen to pay MSRP or less, their car will be given priority scheduling.”

As we initially surmised, that sentence does not forbid a dealer from incurring significant charges, although it does confirm that those dealers who resist their avarice shall be given preferential consideration.

How many dealers are persisting with recommended costs? The reality is that, in the current market, numerous retailers are opting for prices beyond seller-recommended levels. Despite this, there are still those who remain loyal to the advised costings. To be sure, it is becoming more commonplace for distributors to set their own sums as monetary conditions change. Nonetheless, a considerable number of them choose to retain the proposed pricing.

The spokesperson mentioned that out of the 1000 orders for Dodge acquired by the 27th March, 630 (63% of the total sum) were authorized with verification from both purchaser and retailer, with this vehicle being allocated MSRP. To give a clearer image, the starting value of the model is approximately $96,666 prior to other financial costs and fuel taxes, whereas the fully equipped version is nearly $130,000.

Certainly, dealerships still have the option to buy vehicles from their own operations at MSRP and rapidly list them as pre-owned with a substantial price increase; however, it appears that the majority are being genuine and permitting access to the Demon 170, and its remarkable 1,025 horsepower, to be as convenient as can be.

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