Pure Racecar: Liberty Walk 720S at SEMA

Tuning Firm’s Great Achievement

Globally famous for its unique broadened kits, Liberty Walk turned heads at SEMA 2023 through its brand new McLaren 720S. These remarkable pieces of art managed to capture viewers of all ages, introducing a distinct alteration to the British supercar.

McLaren motorcars seldom require any type of cosmetic update, but the 720S looks even more formidable with the daring Liberty Walk design. Its Le Mans inspired stance would not be out of place on a racing lineup. The Logitech marks undeniably add to this effect, yet they are by no means the most captivating element of this vehicle.

At the initial glimpse, the aerodynamic feature displays a breaker and small wings, and the extended front guards flash new cooling slits. In the rear, extra clippable overfenders, a strong spoiler, and an altered diffuser complete the image.

Already a low-slung vehicle in standard form, the builders of this McLaren 720S have made history – claiming it to be the first of its kind to utilize a “bagged” setup. Prazis Air Suspension provided the kit to give the supercar an even lower profile, essentially slamming it to the ground.

The Rohana wheels make an eye-catching impression and coordinate seamlessly with the Super Gloss Metallic Tungsten Grey vinyl wrap from Inozetek. To enhance the look, the brake calipers are artfully hidden behind the stylishly painted dark grey hue. This sedate tone is featured as an accent color on different areas of the car, harmoniously blending with the lively blue highlights.

No details have been released regarding any advancements made to the four-liter V8 engine, though none were really required. The stock dual turbocharged powerplant yields an intense output of 710 horsepower and 568 pound/feet of torque, making it able to sprint from zero to sixty in a remarkable two point eight seconds.

No interior shots are available, so it is logical to assume that the inner workings of this 720S have remained as standard. Furthermore, McLaren Special Operations may have customized its interior to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Overall, the feeling brings us back to the 720S EVO GT3, the vehicle maker has plans of participating with in the fresh LMGT3 group. Creation of the 720S ended this year, and was supplanted by the 750S, fundamentally a significative renewed variant of the 720S.

We were certainly astonished that Liberty Walk did not elect to construct their endeavor upon the 750S, but possibly identifying one of these can be a bit cumbersome. Luckily for enthusiasts of customizing, we predict that broad accommodations for the new car will be proffered in the upcoming months.

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