Scout: EVs Ready for Launch

Summer Debut of Model: A First Look
There is a Scout in All of Us

Volkswagen have been making strides with their initiative to reinstate the moniker ‘Scout’. It appears that we could observe the introduction of the firsts models earlier than anticipated. Earlier reports mentioned that the initial two would be created together with Austria’s Magna Steyr, and a clip has been released to confirm that the first version will be exhibited this summer. However, there is yet to be decisive confirmation as to whether it’s going to be beside the lines of a concept or realistic model.

The video, clocking in at 1 minute and twenty-two seconds, is rather imprecise and does not offer many details. Still, at the end of it there is a dark screen informing viewers that the initial model should be available by summertime 2024.

A teaser from last year’s line-up gave us a glance of a cuboidal SUV and a pickup truck. The brand is said to draw its inspiration from the International Harvester Scout, which was available as a Jeep rival between the years 1960 and 1980. There will, however, be one major distinguishing feature between the classic all-terrain vehicles and their state-of-the-art counterparts: the powertrain. This time around, the Scout line will be dedicated solely to electric cars.

Whilst under the ownership of Volkswagen, Scout is not going to be using only technologies established by the Wolfsburg company. Instead, it will be based on a customized platform with an emphasis on off-roading. Still unclear is whether the only available powertrain will feature two electric motors or if three- and even four-motor alternatives are totally out of the question.

Speculations have been made concerning the potential of Scout obtaining an Audi-affiliated rendition of the SUV as a competitor for the highly advertised electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Notwithstanding, no concrete confirmation has been released as of yet.

Source: Scout Motors on YouTube

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