Skoda’s Student-Designed Enyaq iV Camper Concept

Bed with Plenty of Storage Space

A crew of 29 scholars from the Skoda Academy is designing a transformation of the Enyaq iV EV into a mini motorhome for camping trips, as well as for use as a travelling office space. While the project is not yet finished, the team has made accurate representations of the final product.

The Enyaq iV has been given a noticeable addition to its exterior, encasing the roof and hatchback in a swollen extension. Specific measurements of the piece have yet to be disclosed by Shoda, though it appears to enhance the vehicle’s stature with additional foot-age. Other than this remarkable adaptation, the car’s form seems unchanged.

The noteworthy alterations become apparent inside. On the driver’s side, learners devise a spot for an increased bed. To its left, is what appears to be a table feature. At the rear, three drawers are allotted for storage. Moreover, the roof encompasses two further compartments for storing items.

There’s hardly ample space in the modified Enyaq iV, yet such a car is the ultimate vehicle for getting away during weekend getaways. Certainly not intended as one’s long-term residence, this model provides an ideal experience for enjoying the great outdoors.

This is not the opening gambit in striving to metamorphose a Skoda Enyaq iV into an RV. Skoda’s British arm put together an exclusive iteration featuring a retractable tent with scope enough to accommodate two people on its summit. Therein, the back sea-bench can be extended to provide quarters for another twosome of visitors. In addition, there is a detachable part toward the hind which holds a gas heating stove and basin for whipping up some palatable nourishment whilst on tents.

The Enyaq iV was unveiled in 2020, offering motorists a range of power outputs – from 146 to 302 horsepower. The electric vehicle came with three various battery capacities: 55 kWh, 62 kWh, and 82 kWh. Accordingly, the range varied given the powertrain chosen, with a maximum distance of up to 317 miles achievable.

In 2022, the organization launched the Enyaq Coupe, giving the crossover an aerodynamic silhouette and sleek roofline.

Source: Skoda

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