Slip Into Afterlife: Nissan Leaf Hearse

Does Hearse Size Impact Experience?

On Facebook Marketplace, you can now procure a special Nissan Leaf that has been customized into a hearse – something that is only available through the world wide web. The seller is advertising it as an uncommon item, which isn’t necessarily far-fetched considering there are several modified Nissan Leafs in Britain currently transporting deceased persons to burial grounds and crematoriums. It seems that this one had been fabricated by Brahms Electric Vehicles.

“This car is a little bit Marmite,” explains the seller, “meaning you’ll either love it or hate it. But we don’t fall into either camp. We’re just confused by it. Thankfully, Brahms Electric Vehicles has an explanation.”

“Electric hearses are now more affordable than ever,” states the website of Brahms Electric Vehicle. “Our design has kept the same overall shape and length of the base vehicle, while still providing full visibility of the coffin and flowers through the large side window. This is a two-person solution, with the driver and one passenger situated behind the coffin. We have achieved this configuration through our patented engineering, which can be applied to any make of vehicle, not just the Nissan Leaf.”

Brahms Electric Vehicles market (the website had its latest copyright in 2018) these for an estimated £45,000 (~$54,800). Nevertheless, the 2011 model is being sold off too cheaply for a corporation at just £20,000 (~$24,000).

Coleman Milne recently unveiled a stretched Mustang Mach-E hearse, offering funeral homes a green option to meet the needs of their business. This electric hearse is part of a growing trend in the funeral industry, with a Dutch firm having previously released a Tesla Model 3 hearse that was not initially requested. According to the seller, it “fits a need in your funeral business and allows you to offer a green option.”

Wilcox Limousines, located in the UK, currently manufactures and sells a stretched electric vehicle they refer to as the Nissan Athena Hearse. This car is based on the Nissan Leaf platform.

Joking about it would be easy but having an electric drivetrain for a hearse does make sense. Range should not be a problem when it comes to this and therefore, if we have any say in our last ride before getting laid to rest, it should surely be something more stylish than the converted Nissan Leaf.

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