Sporty Style: E30 BMW Wagon For The Family

Modified Bimmer’s Claimed 330-350 HP

It is truly regretful that the station wagon sector has not flourished in the United States, given only a limited number of models available such as the highly successful Subaru Outback. Nevertheless, committed fanatics will look to import one, including this driver from California with his 1989 BMW E30 Wagon that bears an exceptionally unique build.

Renowned LA-based lensman Larry Chen had a chat with Eric, the car’s proprietor, who said he has an ambition to arouse the subsequent generation to adapt their motor vehicles just the way they desire. The BMW 3 Series estate effortlessly exemplifies the owner’s wishes from its widebody kit and wheel camber alone. This particular model was not at first available in the US, and it had to go on a journey from Germany to Canada before finally reaching American soil.

Live to Offend's Turbo E30 Wagon: When Car Guys Have Kids But Also Hate Minivans

The Live to Offend packs – concocted by the proprietor himself – are so broad that the back entryway handles are stowed away beneath the bodywork. A very similar strategy is applied to the fuel filler. The fenders are fitted with fins and related to the body, complemented in color to the 17-inch BBS wheels offered with specially designed aero discs.

Incorporating sportier style to the façade, louvers at the back windshield, diffuser, as well as front spoiler are present. The pilot can also customize the stance using the airlift suspension. In addition, Porsche 930 Recaro seats have been affixed and with this, re-upholstery of the cockpit occurred.

Fueling the wagon is a M20 inline-six equipped with an upgraded turbocharger, producing an estimated 330 to 350 horsepower. From what we understand, since it’s a 325, it contains a five-speed manual transmission. The owner states he doesn’t require 800 horsepower since his usual passengers are his two children.

The BMW E30, one of the most sought-after models from the Bavarian vehicle manufacturer, is currently not available locally, only adding to its desirability. Nevertheless, a contemporary BMW M3 station wagon made an appearance at the KIES Auto Show last July in the U.S. There is still hope yet though, as the larger M5 Touring will eventually make its way over to the United States – something that auto-enthusiasts from all walks of life are bound to be delighted about.

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