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Converting Ford Transit to Overland-Ready Camper

In the realm of mobile homes, RV’s and campers adorned with a different array of flashes and stripes, this comely Ford Transit upgrade from AEONrv in Nevada stands out due to its plain white facade. But while it may look unassuming outside, within is an entirely different narrative; this vehicle can house four individuals and allows them to enjoy nature’s beauty wherever and whenever they choose. Additionally, increased suspension means that the all-wheel-drive Transit can tackle untold routes not usually taken.

Beginning with a one-ton Ford Transit simple truck, AEONrv handcrafts the living area from the ground up, shielded for temperature-management during all conditions featuring an onboard AC/measurement system with channeled air heaters which utilize the gas tank. Forget about connecting to propane – all features within the van are operated either electrically or operate off existing vehicle systems, such as the single burner induction kitchen stove (while two burners are accessible optionally) and 4.3 cubic foot fridge. Hot water is supplied by a 8-gallon boat heater which can be powered via electricity or the engine coolant of the Transit.

Electric power is generated from a 24-volt DC unit that comprises of an 8.2-kWh self-heating battery pack as well as a 3,000VA and 70-amp inverter. An alternate model with either 10.9-kWh or 13.6-kWh can be chosen, and this can be powered by the vehicle’s alternator or blended with 700 watts of solar energy from its roof. In addition, it has a capacity of 59 gallons for fresh water and 28 gallons worth of gray water.

In terms of creature conveniences, AEONrv puts a full washroom with a showerstall and commode in the frontmost part of the space for all to inhabit. This affords an external means of entry into the shower when temperatures are agreeable, plus it divides the restroom from the kitchen through the side door. Apart from the galley, the cooler is mounted on the driver-side wall between the cab and the sizeable convertible booth. At the aft end, you’ll find the queen-sized bed, set at a high level to provide a total of 65 square feet of storage in the interior of the Transit, that is accessible from the outside. An entrance from the cab area up front without the need to step outside can be found as well.

AEONrv is a step above the typical mini house. They take advantage of Ford Transit’s robust all-wheel-drive system, installing a two-inch lift and upgraded springs both in the front and at the back. Additionally, a quarter-inch steel skid plate is fitted to keep the differential protected. Finishing off the look are 16-inch black steel wheels with all-terrain tires. The vehicle is powered by the twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 and it runs through a 10-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, advanced driver assistance features like parking sensors and blind spot monitoring come as standard.

With AEONrv, you could anticipate a selection of custom components for your camper van. Everything from external awnings and increased windows to off-road enhancements such as bumper protectors, expanded skid plates, and recovery hooks can be included in the menu. Furthermore, a 150-psi air compressor is included as a potential alternative.

Such equipment soon accumulates, nonetheless. First-time revealing in 2021, AEONrv’s base cost for 2023 has increased to $219,500 but people are already preparing to acquire one. The enterprise states it has recently broadened its production facility to help alleviate an order backlog of between 18 and 20 months.

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