Tour Will Smith’s Luxurious RV: $2.5 Million

Experience the Expanding Palace from $9k/Night

Just as with cars, kinds and forms of recreational vehicles (RVs) exist in an array of sizes, providing options to meet each person’s financial capacity and personal preferences.

This particular recreational vehicle stands at the pinnacle of specifications, meaning it is categorized alongside the likes of a luxurious Rolls-Royce. Outfitted in utmost comfort and fashion, its cost reflects this status.

The luxurious assemblage cost its primary proprietor a staggering $2.5 million; however, this tremendous outlay is not solely associated with the RV’s scale, but also all the lavish decorations and features that come with it. In this article, we take a look into the ostentatious motor home and its original owner.

A-List Celebrities Love This $2.5M RV | RIDICULOUS RIDES

YouTube channel Barcroft Cars is returning to provide another glimpse of a remarkably exclusive automobile. This time the feature delves into an RV created for actor Will Smith who requested something one-of-a-kind and exceptional by Anderson Mobile Estates – an enterprise that has been operational for four decades. The challenge was, undoubtedly, huge, but despite this the team successfully delivered something unique.

It is clear that when funds are not a constraint, there are virtually no bounds to what can be created. This case is no exception as it manifested in a semi-truck that was transformed into an opulent motorhome. The RV spans a total of 1,200 square feet and features slide-outs along the sides as well as a raising ceiling that furnishes extra overhead room. Then, less surprisingly, the pièce de résistance is its 30-slot theatre space.

Smith evidently planned the RV to function as a home away from home, likely for use on movie locations so that lines can be read over and costuming done. A workspace collapses into a vanity with a deployable mirror which serves as an area for makeup application plus its own external entrance allowing professional artists to come and go efficiently.

It’s clear that Will Smith’s recreational vehicle is more than just professional and business-like. It’s also very high-end and opulent. The numbers tell the story: the luxurious seat leathers and other add-ons cost a jaw-dropping $300,000. Additionally, the kitchen expenses totaled $200,000 and the granite materials amounted to $125,000. Electronics in the RV came out to $100,000 while one individual coffee table was priced at an amazing $12,000.

There are fourteen television sets present, one of which is a gigantic projection unit. The entire assembly has the size similar to certain city abodes, completed to a great standard with luxurious fabrics consisting of lots of wood.

A semi-truck tractor is the pulling mechanism behind this gargantuan trailer, and evidently has a cost of upkeep that is high for such an organism. It could be a costly endeavor to experience life as a celebrity even for only one evening, at $9,000 per night, but also likely within reach for anyone willing.

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