Toyota Supra vs Dodge Hellcat Drag Race

Small Mistakes Changed Run Outcomes
Hellcat vs Toyota Supra - domestic vs Import drag racing

Toyota’s Supra has long been appreciated by the JDM people, however not all diehard aficionados are entirely satisfied with the newest model, which is based on the BMW Z4. This is in part due to the fact that it is made not in Japan, but rather in Austria.

At the same moment, the Dodge Challenger–especially in its renowned Hellcat variant–is recognized as the ultimate modern-day American muscle auto, with a deep roaring V8 within the engine and an ominously intimidating look. During the ’90s and 2000’s, then again, the legendary A80 Supra was usually involved in races, facing off against the Dodge Viper and Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. The video above demonstrates precisely what a current encounter between home-made and foreign cars looks like.

It appears that two competitions are formed with a recent Supra squaring off against a modern Challenger Hellcat. At first sight, one would assume that, looking over the detail list, the U.S. made car will easily best the Toyota.

The Hellcat boasts a massive 6.2-liter V8 engine, delivering an incredible 717 horsepower directed to the rear wheels by means of an 8-speed auto gearbox. While weighing in at 5,450 pounds (2,472 kg), it certainly isn’t the lightest vehicle out there, but as they say, “there’s no substitute for displacement”.

Conversely, U.S. consumers can pick from two powertrains with the Supra: a baseline 2.0L four-cylinder of 255 hp or an even more potent 3.0L inline-six delivering 382 hp. Though this is semi-close to the 455 horses of the Hellcat, it is significantly lightweight at 4,001 lbs (1,814 kg).

It is unclear whether or not the automobiles featured in the video are unaltered or changed, yet we believe the result of both races may have varied if the drivers had been slightly more aware when departing from the initial line.

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Source: Wheels (YouTube)

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