View Tesla Model 3 Driving Upside Down on 10′ Wheels.

Gaining YouTube Views: A Given Necessity
Driving A Tesla Upside-Down (10ft Tall Wheels)

A lot of individuals will do insane and outrageous stuff just to gain YouTube views. You understand perfectly well what we are talking about, so let us bring your attention towards an intriguing video with a Tesla Model 3 standing on top 10ft tall wheels.

If you’re not aware of the WhistlinDiesel channel, it focuses on doing outlandish stunts using vehicles for YouTube viewership. The majority of times, the outcome of these pranks is the obliteration of the automobiles utilized.

A few of the squad’s most remarkable exploits have incorporated doing burn-outs in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat adapted with horse-drawn buggy wheels, thumping a Nissan Skyline GT-R, piloting a brand new Mercedes-AMG G63 into an abysmal swamp prior to lowering it by means of a building, and more.

For their latest endeavor, Cody Detwiler and his team decided to put a Tesla Model 3 through its paces, subjecting it to a variety of “tests” to assess its durability. These included driving it with a wheel clamp on, cutting through the rear seats with a chainsaw, “summoning” it through a closed garage door, and more.

The show-stopper of the video, however, is when a dramatic boost to the ground clearance of the Model 3 is created thanks to the use of special custom wheels – looking similar to those used on stagecoaches – crafted from steel. An impressive 10 feet in size, these wheels are not just there for visual effect. The reason behind the concept was to prov ide the Tesla with additional height so that it could still operate while driving upside down without the car’s roof impacting the surface of the ground.

If you ponder how they were able to invert the Model 3, then you’ve come to the right spot — that’s what machines like an excavator are even for! Driving the Tesla upside down turned out to be plain sailing, with the caveat that it had to be done going backward so the motorcar would move onward — but don’t stress out, the video clip explains it more accurately than words.

Lastly, the Tesla is flipped to its correct side and readied for a daredevil challenge that involves traveling fast downhill – a decision sure to not finish with a good result. Ultimately, it goes without saying that this stunt will not conclude in a positive manner.

We regret the destruction of the Model 3, hopefully it was a salvage car and didn’t cost too much. It’s plain to see why this video garnered so many viewers in such an abbreviated span. On top of that, some of the jabs at Tesla, along with their owners, weren’t bad either! That’s surely one way to get over 2 million views within 24 hours.

Source: WhistlinDiesel

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