Volvo Tests Safety by Crashing Largest SUV into Smallest Model

Intentional collision: EX90 overpowering EX30 in a direct hit

We must acknowledge that the thought of a big SUV crashing into a compact car is indeed frightening. Despite the fear it may provoke, Volvo reassures that one can still emerge unharmed after a side collision. In Torslanda, Sweden, at its safety facility, Volvo, now owned by Geely, conducted a crash test with vehicles from different segments of their lineup.

Measuring a compact 166.7 inches, the EX30 stands as Volvo’s most petite model on offer. It carries a weight of around 4,034 pounds in its basic configuration before any additional features are included. On the other hand, the EX90 emerges as an electric giant, extending to 198.3 inches and weighing in at 5,928 pounds at its minimum weight. Automotive News Europe had the opportunity to witness the collision between the largest vehicle from the Swedish automaker and its smallest counterpart.

It is important to mention that the EX90 was moving at 31 mph at the time of the collision, whereas the EX30 was traveling at 12.5 mph. Regarding speed limitations, all Volvo vehicles have been electronically restricted to a maximum of 112 mph since 2020. In the less sturdy SUV, there were two petite women on the side that the top-of-the-line Volvo collided with.

Lotta Jakobsson, a Senior Technical Specialist in Injury Prevention, discussed with AN how the design of the EX90 minimizes the potential for injuries to occupants of the EX30. The larger SUV’s lower front structure is designed to effectively interact with the side structure of the smaller vehicle, enhancing the absorption of crash forces.

As both SUV models, the EX30 and the EX90 are fresh on the market, they have not undergone safety testing by Euro NCAP or the NHTSA yet. It is expected that both vehicles will achieve top ratings in their safety assessments. Volvo’s goal extends beyond just improving crash safety in their vehicles; they aim to reduce the occurrence of accidents altogether. This aligns with Volvo Group Safety Vision, which emphasizes the preventability of accidents.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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