VW’s New Scout Brand Targets Ford and Chevy Competitors

Electric Scout SUV & pickup set to rival Bronco and competitors in upcoming battle.

In anticipation of its upcoming rebrand, Scout Motors has taken aim at the Ford Bronco and its competitors in a recent video that highlights the car manufacturer’s history, current status, and future plans.As Scout Motors prepares for its highly-anticipated relaunch, the company has released a powerful new video to challenge the Ford Bronco and its competitors. The captivating clip serves as a tribute to Scout’s past achievements, as well as a preview of what lies ahead for the brand.The upcoming rebranding of Scout Motors is sure to shake up the market as the company sets its sights on dominating the competition. In this newly-released video, Scout Motors boldly takes shots at rivals such as the Ford Bronco, sending a clear message that they are not to be underestimated.With a rich history and an exciting future on the horizon, Scout Motors is ready to make a big splash in the industry once again. This powerful video showcases the brand’s impressive legacy while also giving a glimpse into their progressive vision for the coming years.As the countdown to its relaunch continues, Scout Motors is making waves with their bold and aggressive approach to taking on the Ford Bronco and other competing brands. With this new video, it’s clear that the automaker is determined to rise above the

The footage focuses on Scout’s origins and the development of a basic, practical, yet durable off-road vehicle that could also function as a family car. The company asserts that the Scout was the pioneering SUV. Although this statement may be challenged by some, it is undeniable that the Scout brand had been linked to sturdy four-wheel drives even before the arrival of the Ford Bronco.

Scout has served as a constant reminder of this fact, as the video states, “[It] was the first SUV. We called it the Scout. That was back in 1961, before Bronco, before Blazer, before anybody.”

It is noteworthy to mention that in 1961, Toyota, Land Rover, and Jeep all had off-road vehicles available, although they were presented in more practical designs.

Scout - Back to Work

Despite being owned by the Volkswagen Group, Scout Motors will function as an independent American brand. This decision seeks to maintain the all-American identity of the Scout brand without diluting it. It appears that the manufacturer is banking on this image, hoping to evoke the nostalgia of the original release period.

According to the video, the Scout off-roader was proclaimed as “the machine of the moment” and credited for shaping a generation of daring, industrious, and hopeful Americans. In the early 1960s, it stood out from any other vehicle and drew in pioneering customers.

It seems that history is destined to repeat itself. Apart from the Rivian R1S and the highly anticipated Jeep Recon, there are not many electric off-road vehicles available for purchase. However, this may change as the Scout Pickup and Scout SUV make their debut, aiming to capture the rough and daring spirit of their predecessors. The unveiling of these vehicles is slated for 2024, with plans for production to begin in 2026.

The American populace is known for their unwavering loyalty, particularly when it comes to beloved automobiles such as the Wrangler and Bronco. But what strategy will Scout employ to sway these dedicated patrons to switch brands and embrace electric options? Well, their plan involves a competitive price point. The corporation has set its sights on a starting cost of $50,000, a feat that will be achieved by efficiently managing battery production expenses. Most probably, Scout will utilize the Scalable Systems Platform as the foundation for its merchandise.

Earlier this year, CEO Scott Keogh stated, “We want to be dramatically more competitive on price to get into the mainstream.”

In the previous month, the car manufacturer held a landmark event at the location of its upcoming facility in Blythewood, South Carolina. This is expected to have significant advantages for everyone involved, as VW plans to utilize Scout’s knowledge to create electric trucks based on Volkswagen designs, potentially including a competitor to the rumored F-150 Lightning.

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