Camp in Style: Mercedes Sprinter Camper & More

Murphy Bed: Working and Sleeping in a Van

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter serves as an oft used basis for erecting campervans, yet this family has lent their own unique touch to the model. Exuding a sensation akin to Southwestern blazon, the construct features a wet room, as well as a foldaway Murphy bed.

This is the duo’s subsequent custom camper configuration after initially constructing one out of an autobus. The Sprinter embodies their scholarship from their earlier system into this vehicle. As a change, they chose electric cooking, instead of gas. For two years now, they’ve been inhabiting this Sprinter and have already begun envisaging their next scheme with additional area for their newborn.

Marijosé is the proud owner of this van, and her passion for cooking has made having a functional kitchen top priority. Boasting a large farmhouse-style sink, one of her favouite elements is a retractable pantry hidden away when not needed. Additionally, it offers plenty of drawers to store necessary items.

The damp restroom possesses a specially designed commode configuration where the urine is diverted into a individual container. An ultra-productive shower head reduces the consumption of water by the pair.

At the rearmost portion of the van are some of its most unique characteristics. During frequent use, there is a section acting as both a living room and office with an L-shaped sofa. On the other facet is a television. An inclined mattress emerges from the wall whne it’s time to doze off, further enhancing the creativity of the Sprinter’s layout.

The delightful design of the South includes hues drawn from nature’s palette. Its walls have been given an artificial texture with a coating of paint. When you open the back doors, there is an ingenuously crafted fold-up table. Notwithstanding its diminutive size, it will still be useful for the duo to perform work exteriorly while they stand.

For energy, this van is equipped with 600 amp-hours worth of batteries as well as 600 watts of photovoltaic panels on the rooftop. Furthermore, a 225-amp DC power converter is included so that it can be easily charged up. Additionally, it has been outfitted with a diesel-powered heating system and two ceiling fans for increased comfort.

Source: Tiny Home Tours via YouTube

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