Maserati MC20 Gets 712 HP, GT2 Aero Upgrades

Carbony Italian Supercar: DMC Adds Rear Wing

Hong Kong-situated tuner DMC has announced its GT2-influenced enhancements for the Maserati MC20, this time showcasing the modifications on a literal car, instead of a rendering.

The emphasis of the upgrades is mostly cosmetic, however, DMC has incorporated some performance advances with a ZESAD stainless steel exhaust and an ECU adjustment, growing power from 621 hp and 538 lb-ft of torque to 712 hp and 605 lb-ft. This induces a diminishing in the 0-62 mph time from 2.9 seconds to 2.7, though presently there’s no marked enhancement in the peak speed figure. Not that it matters since the original MC20 can already reach more than 202 mph.

Let us scrutinize this GT2-derived set more closely for, seemingly, it shows no resemblance to the genuine MC20 GT2 racecar.

DMC created a Street-Legal Maserati MC20 GT2: Body Kit incl. a FIA specced Carbon Fiber Wing Spoiler

The clearest component of the furnishings is a colossal, 69-inch tail wing that can be modified with three assorted options — GT, Corsa and Veloce. In addition, each swan-neck arm includes half of the Trident insignia but it bear no resemblance to the genuine GT2 wing. The suite further encompasses carbon fiber side skirts, a hind diffuser and a front spoiler, while the auto’s wheels and suspensions remain unchanged and thus does the interior.

It should be stipulated that DMC has the capability of satisfying any type of individualized request, even going so far as to utilize uncommon materials, for instance, crocodile skin. However, (we) prefer to settle for luxurious Italian cowhide.

As far as the cost goes, that is still an enigma; though, because of the fact that DMC intends to build only five of these kits, it would be safe to say the expenditure would be quite high. This being the first one made for someone located in Hong Kong where the workshop – originating from Germany – is currently placed.

If the DMC kit isn’t quite to your taste, Mansory has an even more audacious alternative – though it’s probably a bit too wild for most. If you’d prefer something a bit less ‘in-your-face’, then 7 Design House from New York has a subtle yet stylish kit that brings out the sleek lines of the Nettuno V6-powered supercar.

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