Transform Your SUV Into a Cozy Camper for Just $2,000: The Ultimate Conversion Kit!

Compact DIY Kit for Two with Cozy Kitchen and Sleeping Space but Low Ceilings

The trend of utilizing camping modules for vans has been steadily increasing in the past few years. These convenient kits provide numerous amenities typically found in traditional camper vans but without the need for permanent installation. Essentially, this allows individuals to utilize their vans for regular weekday tasks and then seamlessly embark on a weekend getaway. However, it should be noted that vans are not commonly used as everyday vehicles; instead, SUVs tend to be the preferred mode of transportation during the week.

We were immediately intrigued by the latest camping equipment from Van Lab, which is tailored for a wide variety of SUVs including the BMW X3 and Chevrolet Suburban. The company has even included station wagons like the Subaru Outback on their compatibility list. During our conversation with Ian Fitzhenry, Director of Van Lab, he shared that this kit is designed to suit all models of SUVs, in contrast to their usual approach of creating vehicle-specific kits for vans.

According to Fitzhenry, Motor1 was informed that there are certain constraints in the design process that must be taken into consideration. As he stated, “We have some design limitations that we have to factor in.” One of these limitations is the need to accommodate a fully enclosed refrigerator or cooler within the unit, as this is a crucial aspect for customers. However, this requirement also limits the potential size of the unit, resulting in a slight compromise in headroom for sleeping in smaller SUVs. Despite this, the design still offers an exceptional tailgate experience and the option to add a bed for sleeping.

The package is divided into two parts, giving buyers the choice to purchase only the kitchen component. Serving as an outdoor setup at the rear of the SUV, this kitchen is easily accessible. It contains two slide drawers that can be locked and provides enough room for a compact stove, sink, cutting boards, and storage for dishes. Along with these features, there is also a designated spot for a refrigerator inside the unit, as well as two foldable tables for additional convenience. Constructed from Birch Plywood, this kitchen kit has a weight of 64 pounds and can be mounted in the back without any permanent fixtures.

The subsequent edition features provisions for a bedding platform. It consists of four segments that can be extended to form a bed measuring 75 inches in length and 51 inches in width. Naturally, installing it would require folding or detachable back seats as well as sufficient room for accommodation. Based on the visuals, slumbering would be a snug affair with limited headspace. However, Fitzhenry reveals that a second iteration is being worked on, with an emphasis on enhancing the sleeping experience.

The SUV kit is currently up for purchase, with prices starting at $1,950 for the kitchen component alone. Opting for the bed will increase the total cost to $2,350, and for an additional $450, you can also get custom cushions, although they are currently out of stock. According to Fitzhenry, there is a waiting period of three to four weeks between placing an order and receiving the product. The kit is shipped unassembled, so if you have plans for a summer escapade, it would be wise to place your order promptly.

Source: Van Lab

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